The results…

Churning out booties for the store...

All I managed to churn out were three measly pairs of booties – I got sidetracked with job hunting (was almost tempted to look at ANY job, even healthcare jobs), working on the shop’s storefront and getting in supplies, and then got bogged down with another case of food poisoning on a weekday. All this on top of the usual cooking and cleaning plus Eva being fussier than usual – I suspect she got scared by the thunderstorm over the weekend (she just refused to sleep and wailed her eyeballs out for over an hour). Poor baby.

I’ve also been busy tracking down some bloody Pureen HAD (Hypo-allergenic Detergent) laundry detergent. You think it’d be easy to find but nooooo, almost all the shops I called or have been too either don’t stock the brand OR they stock the anti-bacterial version, which is not what I’m after. Talk about going nutty over soap powder. One thing I discovered along the way is how I absolutely abhor how companies don’t list down the ingredients that goes into their soap. It’s as if they are afraid that someone will find out that they are using some banned ingredient and such – if that is the case to begin with in the first place. Heh.

Worse come to worse, I might buy some back in Malaysia or fork out extra cash for imported organic detergent like Country Save or 7th Generation. Bah.

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