I feel like a factory.

Snoozing away next to her rattle toy

For the past few days, I have been busy cutting fabrics, sewing, setting up a storefront, and now, crocheting plus putting in orders for supplies on top of my usual housechores, running errands and grocery shopping. Yes, my bad for not checking my stock and assuming that I could get the same supplies here in Singapore and well, as you can see, I have sort of settled into the “thick” of things. *beams*

Anyway, here I am crocheting and dozing off at the same time – lack of sleep not to mention the lack of naps during the afternoon when Eva sleeps is well, taking its toll. I swear I lost some weight too – that ought to get me to stop looking at weight loss products – in the process. I still take Eva out for her evening strolls despite having a full day.

Sometimes I take a breather, look around and catch a glimpse of my daugther sleeping, and I tell myself this – “This is my life – I’m turning into a factory yet I love it.”


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