Slowly revamping the store

Besides my usual humdrum routine of managing a baby and sewing up goodies for the store’s new range, I’ve also been busy tinkering around with setting up a blogshop over at the store’s website.

Part of me is awfully tempted to leave the yarns and rovings over at Etsy, and feature only baby goods at for a variety of reasons; one of which being that the target crowd over at the Etsy shop is very different from what I’d like for the baby goods (non-crafters, that is). Another is that in the long run, I’d like to keep my shop domain running for its actual purpose – a store!

So for now, do bear with me as I do some tinkering to the storefront over at – I promise it’ll be in working condition when I unveil my new range next week!

In the meantime, anyone up for some Orlando vacations? I’m in serious need of some “me” time!

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