Busy cranking out stuff.

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I swear the best fat burners around are work and exercise. Not that I’m working full time but the shop is open again and while my usual stock of yarn and rovings are up on sale, I’m busy preparing the Tiny Tots range which I hope will do well.

It’ll feature more of my handsewn items rather than handcrochet or handknitted because of a few reasons – I didn’t want anything that will cost too much or is impractical. Plus dyeing has become somewhat difficult with a child – I can only dye my stuff on the weekends when Nil is around to keep her occupied (coz of the noise factor) so sewing is the next best thing.

To be honest, I’m quite excited about the stuff I have in mind for the store and am looking forward to churning them out. Plus this time, we have a test model at hand!!! Yes, who else but my little Eva! 🙂

Oh, just in case you thought that the foodie in me has died, fret not – coming up next, a yummy (and pretty ease) Thai beef salad recipe!

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