Getting back into shape.

I’ve just signed up for some night/evening hatha yoga classes at the local community center just around the corner. I would have gone for more classes – the line dance and aerobics sessions were very tempting but they either clashed with my yoga class or was ending soon. BUT I was reassured that there would be a new list of classes ready in a week’s time so with any luck, I may just find myself going for aerobics and line dancing too!

That on top of my regular evening walks should help me get rid of the awful postnatal blubber that I’ve been carrying on me since the delivery.

And oh, in case you’re wondering what I’m doing about my diet, heh, of course I’m watching what I put into my mouth but I can’t exactly cut back on food since I’m breastfeeding. So snacks and full portions of carbs for dinner are out, fruits and half portions of carbs for dinner are in instead. ๐Ÿ™‚

Can’t wait to get back into shape like in Switzerland (hey, I was hiking and jogging at least three times a week) again!


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