Cranking on.

Cranking it up!

Despite a shaky start, I continued on anyway…yes, even with a noisy wheel, no thanks to a nearly-straightened crank which is supposed to be slightly bent. I don’t spin all the time during the day though – just when I feel like it, since the flyer whooshing away and the noise from the crank can be a little annoying.

While Eva has a high tolerance for noise during her naptime, I don’t really want to push my luck. So I just spin for about 30 minutes to an hour during the day. The spinning action really kicks in at night, when she’s asleep in her own room – of course this is if I’m not pooped out for the day.

So yeah, back to spinning it is…and soon, with any luck, the shop will be open again!

Is it just me and the light here in Asia is really different from in Europe?

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