Spinning around and around!

After nearly three months of no spinning...

With my wheel fully assembled (yes, the boxes arrived yesterday and I started unpacking them), I decided to get back to some serious spinning action. One night and one morning later, I have this to show for – a smallish heap of underspun singles (there are smallish heaps of fibres all over my tile flooring too), which resulted in plenty of breaks, enough to annoy me into checking if my wheel was set up properly and such.

But really, this is the moment when sagely advice given to me when I first start spinning hits home – practice really makes perfect.

It felt so weird holding the fibres in my hands and trying hard not to let them run away with the spin. I never realized that treading the wheel and controlling the draft at the same time was such hard work until today. Well, maybe that’s because I wasn’t busy minding Eva at the same time – well, it was more of she minding me. The little one was busy staring at me frowning while drafting the fibres.

Anyway, I discovered that my flyer wasn’t exactly aligned properly to the wheel so after, a few twists of the screwdriver, I tested it again with a few spins. The singles are looking better than before so I’m keeping my fingers crossed as to the outcome. Am so hoping that I won’t end up with underspun singles like before. Otherwise it would be such a waste of lovely fibre (am utilizing some yummy 50/50 superwash merino-tencel blend).

With any luck, I ought to have a bobbin full of singles to show for by end of next week – I’m being optimistic. 🙂

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