I feel like a factory.

Snoozing away next to her rattle toy

For the past few days, I have been busy cutting fabrics, sewing, setting up a storefront, and now, crocheting plus putting in orders for supplies on top of my usual housechores, running errands and grocery shopping. Yes, my bad for not checking my stock and assuming that I could get the same supplies here in Singapore and well, as you can see, I have sort of settled into the “thick” of things. *beams*

Anyway, here I am crocheting and dozing off at the same time – lack of sleep not to mention the lack of naps during the afternoon when Eva sleeps is well, taking its toll. I swear I lost some weight too – that ought to get me to stop looking at weight loss products – in the process. I still take Eva out for her evening strolls despite having a full day.

Sometimes I take a breather, look around and catch a glimpse of my daugther sleeping, and I tell myself this – “This is my life – I’m turning into a factory yet I love it.”


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All’s quiet…

…because I’m busy. No, not busy doing stuff like instantly compare term life insurance with the ones here but working on my shop’s storefront!

Yes, I’m integrating a shopping cart into the shop’s site and with any luck, it should be up and running in time for the unveil of the Tiny Tots line. Of course that means I’ll be awfully quiet and tired for the next few days on top of the sewing and all.

Hai, the perils of being a one-man show. O’well…

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Slowly revamping the store

Besides my usual humdrum routine of managing a baby and sewing up goodies for the store’s new range, I’ve also been busy tinkering around with setting up a blogshop over at the store’s website.

Part of me is awfully tempted to leave the yarns and rovings over at Etsy, and feature only baby goods at shop.thescarfer.net for a variety of reasons; one of which being that the target crowd over at the Etsy shop is very different from what I’d like for the baby goods (non-crafters, that is). Another is that in the long run, I’d like to keep my shop domain running for its actual purpose – a store!

So for now, do bear with me as I do some tinkering to the storefront over at shop.thescarfer.net – I promise it’ll be in working condition when I unveil my new range next week!

In the meantime, anyone up for some Orlando vacations? I’m in serious need of some “me” time!

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Renewing your M’sian passport.

When I first left home for Europe, I hadn’t anticipated my passport dying on me while I try to juggle life as a new mum. Being away from family and therefore not being able to pass her off to someone like a babysitter meant that I would have to take her everywhere with me, especially during the weekdays when Nil is at the office, working away. I always hope that she’ll never give me any trouble while I run my errands and find myself sometimes being pleasantly blessed & surprised, like going to a Plano dentist and enjoying it!

Anyway, there have been numerous “complaints” about how long and tedious it is renewing a Malaysian passport overseas. Well, I would agree IF you are working. For a SAHM like myself, it’s not that bad, provided you prepare yourself with the necessary documents and such before making the trip to the embassy. For passport renewal and application (it’s the same procedure actually), you’ll need

  • a copy of the IM.42 form filled out (you can print it out from here but make sure the end result is double sided instead of on two separate sheets of paper),
  • two passport sized photos (no polaroids, blue background please and make sure it’s bigger than the usual S’pore passport size pic – just tell your usual photographer at the studio that it’s for a M’sian passport),
  • the original and photocopy of your M’sian IC (front and back on the same side of one A4 paper)
  • the original and photocopy of your S’porean IC/pass
  • approximately SGD130 for a 32 page passport

The embassy is located at 301 Jervois Road, near Tiong Bahru MRT – but note that it’s at least a good 20 minutes on foot from the MRT so you may want to catch a cab to the embassy instead. Submissions are only from Mondays to Fridays, starting from 8am till 11:30am. Often, there is already a queue of people at 7:30am as the embassy will only accept 200 applications a day. Once the tally has been filled, they will accept no more so come early if you can.

I arrived just around 8am and after exchanging my POSB bank card for a security pass (you’ll need your IC and S’porean pass so they accept credit cards, bank cards, student passes, so forth), I made my way to the Immigration section and stood in line to get a submission number. Do note that if you don’t have the IM.42 form, you can get it at the same guard house where you get your security pass.

At the Immigration section, there will be someone there to check your documents and such prior to you getting your submission number and there are also photocopying as well as photo ID services available. Then your wait will begin. I was the 30th person and it took about 45 minutes to an hour before it was my turn to submit my papers. At the count for submission, they’ll look at the papers, ask for your thumb print (left and right), then hand a ticket as well as your application back to you for you to proceed to the cashier where you will find yourself parting with around SGD130.

Don’t forget to retain the receipt that will be issued to you upon receipt of payment (and don’t forget to take back your original IC and pass). Collection for passports can be done on the same day but only from 230pm till 415pm. For those who are unable to collect on the same day (like in my case), you have a week to do so.

Overall, the experience was pleasant and fast (by M’sian standards, that is) plus the folks at the embassy were very friendly – especially those working at the guardhouse. I left two hours after arrival and hitched a cab after deciding that I wasn’t going to brave the 20 minute walk to the MRT in the hot sun with Eva in the ring sling. Only downside to the whole thing was that the toilets – while clean – were crampy, there were no changing tables for Eva and I had to breastfeed her outside where it was less crowded and well, more “private”. Otherwise, thumbs up to the whole experience!

For more info, please visit the High Commission of Malaysia’s website here.

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Busy cranking out stuff.

Coming soon...

I swear the best fat burners around are work and exercise. Not that I’m working full time but the shop is open again and while my usual stock of yarn and rovings are up on sale, I’m busy preparing the Tiny Tots range which I hope will do well.

It’ll feature more of my handsewn items rather than handcrochet or handknitted because of a few reasons – I didn’t want anything that will cost too much or is impractical. Plus dyeing has become somewhat difficult with a child – I can only dye my stuff on the weekends when Nil is around to keep her occupied (coz of the noise factor) so sewing is the next best thing.

To be honest, I’m quite excited about the stuff I have in mind for the store and am looking forward to churning them out. Plus this time, we have a test model at hand!!! Yes, who else but my little Eva! 🙂

Oh, just in case you thought that the foodie in me has died, fret not – coming up next, a yummy (and pretty ease) Thai beef salad recipe!

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Getting back into shape.

I’ve just signed up for some night/evening hatha yoga classes at the local community center just around the corner. I would have gone for more classes – the line dance and aerobics sessions were very tempting but they either clashed with my yoga class or was ending soon. BUT I was reassured that there would be a new list of classes ready in a week’s time so with any luck, I may just find myself going for aerobics and line dancing too!

That on top of my regular evening walks should help me get rid of the awful postnatal blubber that I’ve been carrying on me since the delivery.

And oh, in case you’re wondering what I’m doing about my diet, heh, of course I’m watching what I put into my mouth but I can’t exactly cut back on food since I’m breastfeeding. So snacks and full portions of carbs for dinner are out, fruits and half portions of carbs for dinner are in instead. 🙂

Can’t wait to get back into shape like in Switzerland (hey, I was hiking and jogging at least three times a week) again!


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A certain lull…

There is a certain lull that comes with realizing that you have been alive for the past three decades. When the day that marks the 3-0 arrives, you take stock of your life so far and wonder what the future has in store for you.

At 30, I seemingly may not have much to show for except a baby and a husband. I don’t have a job, I still look the same as I did (or perhaps worse if you take in the early morning feeds which has given me dark eye circles and my lingering jelly belly which I’ve been told will take at least a few more months to go away) and well, it can be depressing. Honestly, it was…

Here’s why…a lot of my peers are busy juggling their careers with family life while here I am living a life at home with my baby in tow. Most of the time, it’s a relatively quiet life with grocery shopping, cooking, housechores and such. If it were a day or two, it would be still alright but every day of the same routine? And it’s hard to be out and about with an infant…so when I took stock of my life, it felt as if I was falling short and lagging behind in the race.

Until I realized that the race is different for everyone – different goals, different lives and well, everyone is just plain different. At 30, my life has changed dramatically. I went from being a wife to a mother in that span of time. In fact, it was after my 29th birthday that I got pregnant. You could say that I waited quite a while for this birthday present to show up and mind you, it is one that I would not have exchanged for anything else, especially a long day at the office facing crappy people.

Yes, the big 3-0 has come and gone by without so much as a squeak but I’ve come to realize that sometimes it’s not what happens in a day that makes a life fulfilling but what occurs in the course of weeks, months and even years.

You could say that this is one of the more meaningful and rewarding birthdays ever – one spent with a husband and a baby daugther.

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Tags: Five Senses


This tag has been sitting in my to-blog list for a while (sorry Pet) and I never managed to get down to it until now. Wonder why…

Rule # 1 To display this tag on your blog

Rule # 2 Post the rules 🙂

Rule # 3 Link back to the blog that tagged you

Rule # 4 Make a list of the 5 senses and what each one represents for you

Rule # 5 Tag 5 other blogs and let them know!

My 5 senses are:

Sight: A double rainbow lingering in the air after a (morning/evening) shower

Smell: Eva – babies just smell yummy!

Taste: The creamy luxurious taste of the mascarpone mix from my eggless tiramisu recipe. XD

Feel: Of a nice soft bed after a long day (if the weather was cool like in Switzerland during spring/autumn, even better!)

Hear: The coo-ing of a little loved one. *wink*

I tag:

Mel & Sham
…whoever who wants to do this!

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