Changes to the skin

Moving from Switzerland where it’s cold and dry (relatively coz we lived right opposite a lake) to Singapore where it’s hot and humid has taken a toll on my skin – somewhat, that is.

(My skin used to be combination of dry and oil here then after the move to Switzerland, it went to dry-normal.)

It used to feel pleasantly nice and smooth to the touch (hehehe) without it being too oily but now…eek, I can feel a thin layer of oil on my skin which just won’t go away no matter what I try. Well, I hadn’t try everything though.

I suspect my face moisturisers are too heavy for the weather here – I do hope I can still use them – but for those of you staying in this part of the world, what’s the best night cream (and day too) or should I get lotions coz they are lighter?

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  1. I now swear by Origins’ Matte Scientist lotion – I used to develop a mirror-like shine on my forehead at about 1pm . Matte Scientist have really controlled it and I am now oil-free all day long! I use a normal moisturiser on dryer areas (jaw) and use the Matte Scientist everywhere else. Definately my miracle skin product! For that super baby soft skin, use their White Tea toner – amazing!!

    Oh, most Origins counter also provide a free facial if you purchase their product – so not only is it a bargin it works as well!

    No, I am definately not working for Origins 😀

  2. I don’t know if you get breakouts, but in terms of oil-control, I have been using Bodyshop’s Tea Tree Oil skincare line and it’s been working well for me. It keeps my pores clean and the it does help with oil control as well. The bottle of tea tree oil helps zap zits as well, if you are interested. I’ve been using it all summer but since the weather in Toronto is changing, I find it a tad dry for the cold weather. So, it might work for you in SG 🙂

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