Almost there!

Nil got a call/email the other day from the folks handling our shipping. Yes, all our clothes, linen, books, his computer, my craft goodies – sewing machine, fabric, yarns, fibres, spinning wheel (no loom though – I left it in France) – and Eva’s clothes were shipped over…all twenty good sized boxes of the stuff.

They are arriving TOMORROW!

Which means that I’ll get them delivered right to my doorstep over the next few days.

Which means I can get back to my spinning, knitting and sewing!


Wait…I just realise that I need to find the space for twenty boxes.


The linen can go into the cupboard in my master bedroom. The sewing machine and fabric stash in one of the cupboards in the hallway. Eva’s clothes and maybe my stash plus spinning wheel can go into her room. Eek.

Hopefully they’ll fit in without looking too cluttered. I wish some of them could fit on the wall – have heaps of bare space on the walls; maybe I’ll use some plasma mounts (but those are more for electronic stuff). Heh.

O’well…we’ll see how it all goes.

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