Eating in Singapore.

Being ovenless is a nightmare (maybe I should get one from sites like Green Study which is basically green shopping), and so is thinking of what to cook when the food court is just around the corner, and cheap. Seriously, I’d love to get back into the groove of cooking but with Eva around, it gets a little tiring in the evenings – figuring out what to cook (even simple dishes tire me out!) – and for lunch, I just prefer to take away than eat things like instant noodles with slices of meat, veg and such. Then again, having mixed rice for lunch every day is enough to make me sick.

I miss eating pasta, moussaka, and the likes. *sigh*

Of lately, I’ve been craving for good old Malaysian styled nasi lemak and not the measly pre-packed nasi lemak. Nasi padang is the next best thing but it’s still nothing like nasi lemak. On top of that, I’ve got some mild cravings for lovely Indian rice…kind of like the one I used to have at my old office in Cyberjaya – chapatis, deep fried bitter ground slices and fish curry…

Omigod, I could be buried in Malaysian food now and die happy.

Singaporean food is almost similar to Malaysian dishes but somehow it’s just not the same. Mee siam back at home is dry, spicy and well, served with side dishes like rendang and such, but here it’s served wet in soup (HUH?). Some pan mee styled noodles are served dry but with ketchup instead of just black soy sauce and such.

Well, at least the roast chicken/duck rice is consistent. Hm.

I know how a lot of people would tell me that eating Asian food here would be better than in Switzerland but I don’t eat out in Switzerland – I cook more often. The trouble starts when I do want to eat out here and well, I think I’m beginning to turn into a food snob. I can’t seem to enjoy some of the local dishes here, and find myself comparing it to the Malaysian version ALL the time. What gives? Geh.

Anyway, back to my dilemma – what should I have for lunch? Mixed rice, nasi padang, KFC or instant noodles with pork & lettuce? Hai…

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  1. Mabel, just reading this post has made me drool. I too cook a lot. Eating out is a weekend affair. Wherelse back home in Malaysia, it was the opposite…..ahhhhhh!

    There is no way I would have cooked at home when our children were less than 4 months old. So kudos to you for even contemplating it. When our children were ages 4 months & below, granted, all our meals were homecooked but not by me but my darling mum…

    You’ll get into the swing of things soon enough…for now, just rest when Eva rests and dream sweet dreams of malaysian food….ahhhhh

  2. i m so jealous of your dilemma! its fish and chips for me tonight… if i see another potato, i’ll scream and pound it dead!! hahaha, and sandwhiches are an abomination… i only eat it in a life or death emergency!

  3. I understand. Every time I go to Singapore for work, I keep thinking I can satisfy my craving for Malasyian food while I am there, and every time I come home disappointed. Singaporeans look at me strangely when I say I don’t want chili sauce or tomato sauce on my wan tan mee!

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