Life with a little one.

Getting in some tummy time

Having children is a life changing decision. While a lot of people know that it involves more money, more time, more effort and more responsibility, it’s more than all those things. Being a mum brings out the best…and the worst in people – the expectations, the affection, the mood swings, all of it…being a mum makes you be all that and perhaps even more.

Two months on, I have come to realize that I am fiercely proud and protective of my little one. Her needs come ahead of mine and sometimes it involves making a lot of sacrifices. Those of you with little ones and no helper around (read: maid) will know what I mean. You go everywhere with her, miss out on those manicures/pedicures/shopping splurges for yourself, and your highlight of the day is often her cooing to her or achieving those milestones (which honestly, I wouldn’t want to miss at all!).

While it may be hard to adjust to, I never fault her or regret bringing her into this world. Sometimes, I look at that little bundle sleeping away on the sofa and tell myself that the long needed trip to the hairdresser’s can wait, that my money can be better spent on things for her instead of for me (like getting the best diet pills around – no way!!!) and that I can afford to go out in the same few outfits over & over again.

Yes, I’ll admit that you need to be emotionally ready for a child – frankly, being financially ready is an option if you’re working class – but don’t hold out for too long because there is nothing more wonderful than spending the rest of your life with your little one (and of course, your other half!).

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  1. i can definitely relate to this! 😉 i cant remember when i last bought something for myself. lol everything i think n do has to do with the girls and i doubt there’s anything wrong with that. its just moms being moms. make me realise why my mum still does certain things. i guess u’ll never stop being a mom once u are a mom. 😀

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