My little dahling…

…has come a long way since her birth, vocally, that is.

At birth, the doctors told me that she was a very quiet baby, choosing only to cry like twice or thrice before choosing to focus on her new surroundings. She was an alert baby, taking in all manner of sights and sounds, thrilling even the surgeons with her big (brown) stare.

Fast forward to a couple of days later and my girl is demanding for attention in one way – through crying. She cries when she’s hungry, cold, wet (diaper time), lonely, insecure or just scared. But she doesn’t scream-cry. She just…cries quietly.

Then a month later, she scream-cries and this is hurtful to hear and see. Her face puckers up, grimaces, turns red and she just cries & cries. But only when it’s in a place that she’s not familiar with. It’s like she’s trying to get through to us but the connection is kind of fuzzy so she ups the volume thinking that it’ll do the job.

These days, she does more than just cry – well, actually she has stopped crying. Her vocal skills have now expanded to

  • One huge cry to get mummy running to her to either feed or check on her
  • Small short bursts of cries which signal frustration – she hates hiccups!
  • Baby coos and giggles
  • Baby laughs and baby excitement – she does this whenever she sees her favourite toys

But my all time favourite is when she starts coo-ing and talking back…as seen above. It’s always the same few sounds with an addition here and there at times but, still…

Cute, no?

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