Nearly two months old

Her first (recorded) smile!

Our little Eva is growing up and achieving all her wonderful milestones, including her first social, non-reflexive smile (pictured above – well, that’s not her first per se but the first that I manage to record). She now laughs and smiles whenever we stare and lock eyes with her. Just doing that is enough to make my heart melt!

It’s hard to believe that it was just two months ago that I first held her tiny and light body in my arms. Now she’s packing on the grams and is slowly outgrowing “tiny”.

Oh, how time flies…

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  1. She is absolutely gorgeous Mabel, you are doing great with the nursings…even from photos you can really see Eva packing on the pounds. I used to get concerned about ours putting on weight cause you dont get to see the intake unlike a bottle, so we used to wait for every pee & poo & gram…hehe

    You are doing so well. Being a SAHM isn’t always easy (having been there done that). There are moments when you feel perfectly in love & at peace and other times just yearning for some adult conversation…Thank God you have family close by & Nil just a phone call away specially for those moments…

    Mabel Reply:

    Thanks dearie…

    Sometimes I do wonder whether she’s drinking enough but when the landlady drops by , sees Eva and remarks that she has grown chubbier, I feel relieved. Hopefully the visit to the paed will give us a more exact figure – am beginning to think that those S sized diapers are getting a little tight.

    And yea, sometimes I yearn for some adult activities like a haircut or just be able to enjoy a conversation with an adult without worrying about Eva but when she gives me her signature smile and baby talk, I forget all about those yearnings. XD

    Maybe things will get heaps better when my yarns all come in. XD

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