Watching the weather.

After spending 1.5 years in Switzerland, I have seriously lost the ability to cope with the heat. Being almost snake-like (as Nil would say since I have cold hands and feet), I just can’t stand the heat because it does weird things to me and one of them is making me cranky and all. I don’t know – I guess my blood just thickens and well, the headache just drives me bonkers!

Since arriving in Singapore, I’ve found myself bookmarking the National Environment Agency’s website. Why? Just to figure out when it would rain next. While people may tell me that the heat can help me shed those post-pregnancy kilos (apart from attending clinics like Austin Weight Loss center), lets just say that I don’t fancy living in a perpetual sauna 24/7. Besides, it’s not exactly a great thing for Eva. Already she has developed a heat rash on her forehead (I know it’s heat rash because it goes away whenever we turn the aircon on).

Rain…believe it or not, rain does cool down the place but it has to be heavy rain and not the measly type of showers we sometimes do get here in the tropics. Being on the highest floor has its ups and downs. We get very strong winds but we also get most of the heat that is typical from units that have the roof directly above them. As such, when there is no rain on a particular day, it’s crazy hot in the entire apartment, leaving me no choice but to adopt the European approach – shut all the windows and doors, AND turn on one of the room’s aircon.


It’s either we continue using this approach or invest in a portable air cooler for the living hall. In the meantime, Eva, while slowly adjusting to the heat, is living her days and nights in relatively cool comfort. Or at least I try to keep it cool by dressing her in sleeveless outfits – we just invested in seven sleeveless rompers that will last till she’s at least over 3 months old – and giving her two fun baths a day (she loves her baths).

As for myself, I need to find ways to keep cool apart from stripping down to my undies. =.=

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