Our baby registry (Revised)

I’m not exactly soliciting for gifts – just responding to the usual “what do you need?” question that I get from friends and family. But if it does come across as soliciting, then assume it is and shamelessly too. đŸ˜€

Seriously, babies are expensive.

Apart from the usual diapers (in case you’re wondering, Eva is still fitting into the S size – 5-7 kg), we would really appreciate things for her and not so much for me. Clothes are always a safe bet (although Mum bought enough to last a lifetime) but toys and nursery items like crib music players, mobiles and activity gyms make good gifts as well. What we don’t need are things like hats, mittens, booties and all those frilly girly hairband-scrunchy accessories. It’ll just go to waste (end up sitting in the cupboard).

To give you an idea of what we’re looking for, here are some of the things that are on our to-buy list (I seem to have problems pointing to a Singapore site so used the M’sian equivalent):

  • Sleeveless bodysuits/onesies (Size 0-3 mths) for homewear
  • Travel playpen (here)
  • Baby monitor (here)
  • Gym (here) My thanks to Deeps, her parents and future hubby!
  • Wedge pillow (here)
  • Open-top swing (here) OR cradle swing (here)
  • Bath/changing unit (here) OR bath centre (here) OR bath unit (here)

So yeah, if you do want to send us something, seriously consider what we need, contact me via email for an address, and well, our thanks in advance!

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