Changes to the skin

Moving from Switzerland where it’s cold and dry (relatively coz we lived right opposite a lake) to Singapore where it’s hot and humid has taken a toll on my skin – somewhat, that is.

(My skin used to be combination of dry and oil here then after the move to Switzerland, it went to dry-normal.)

It used to feel pleasantly nice and smooth to the touch (hehehe) without it being too oily but now…eek, I can feel a thin layer of oil on my skin which just won’t go away no matter what I try. Well, I hadn’t try everything though.

I suspect my face moisturisers are too heavy for the weather here – I do hope I can still use them – but for those of you staying in this part of the world, what’s the best night cream (and day too) or should I get lotions coz they are lighter?

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Almost there!

Nil got a call/email the other day from the folks handling our shipping. Yes, all our clothes, linen, books, his computer, my craft goodies – sewing machine, fabric, yarns, fibres, spinning wheel (no loom though – I left it in France) – and Eva’s clothes were shipped over…all twenty good sized boxes of the stuff.

They are arriving TOMORROW!

Which means that I’ll get them delivered right to my doorstep over the next few days.

Which means I can get back to my spinning, knitting and sewing!


Wait…I just realise that I need to find the space for twenty boxes.


The linen can go into the cupboard in my master bedroom. The sewing machine and fabric stash in one of the cupboards in the hallway. Eva’s clothes and maybe my stash plus spinning wheel can go into her room. Eek.

Hopefully they’ll fit in without looking too cluttered. I wish some of them could fit on the wall – have heaps of bare space on the walls; maybe I’ll use some plasma mounts (but those are more for electronic stuff). Heh.

O’well…we’ll see how it all goes.

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Eating in Singapore.

Being ovenless is a nightmare (maybe I should get one from sites like Green Study which is basically green shopping), and so is thinking of what to cook when the food court is just around the corner, and cheap. Seriously, I’d love to get back into the groove of cooking but with Eva around, it gets a little tiring in the evenings – figuring out what to cook (even simple dishes tire me out!) – and for lunch, I just prefer to take away than eat things like instant noodles with slices of meat, veg and such. Then again, having mixed rice for lunch every day is enough to make me sick.

I miss eating pasta, moussaka, and the likes. *sigh*

Of lately, I’ve been craving for good old Malaysian styled nasi lemak and not the measly pre-packed nasi lemak. Nasi padang is the next best thing but it’s still nothing like nasi lemak. On top of that, I’ve got some mild cravings for lovely Indian rice…kind of like the one I used to have at my old office in Cyberjaya – chapatis, deep fried bitter ground slices and fish curry…

Omigod, I could be buried in Malaysian food now and die happy.

Singaporean food is almost similar to Malaysian dishes but somehow it’s just not the same. Mee siam back at home is dry, spicy and well, served with side dishes like rendang and such, but here it’s served wet in soup (HUH?). Some pan mee styled noodles are served dry but with ketchup instead of just black soy sauce and such.

Well, at least the roast chicken/duck rice is consistent. Hm.

I know how a lot of people would tell me that eating Asian food here would be better than in Switzerland but I don’t eat out in Switzerland – I cook more often. The trouble starts when I do want to eat out here and well, I think I’m beginning to turn into a food snob. I can’t seem to enjoy some of the local dishes here, and find myself comparing it to the Malaysian version ALL the time. What gives? Geh.

Anyway, back to my dilemma – what should I have for lunch? Mixed rice, nasi padang, KFC or instant noodles with pork & lettuce? Hai…

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Life with a little one.

Getting in some tummy time

Having children is a life changing decision. While a lot of people know that it involves more money, more time, more effort and more responsibility, it’s more than all those things. Being a mum brings out the best…and the worst in people – the expectations, the affection, the mood swings, all of it…being a mum makes you be all that and perhaps even more.

Two months on, I have come to realize that I am fiercely proud and protective of my little one. Her needs come ahead of mine and sometimes it involves making a lot of sacrifices. Those of you with little ones and no helper around (read: maid) will know what I mean. You go everywhere with her, miss out on those manicures/pedicures/shopping splurges for yourself, and your highlight of the day is often her cooing to her or achieving those milestones (which honestly, I wouldn’t want to miss at all!).

While it may be hard to adjust to, I never fault her or regret bringing her into this world. Sometimes, I look at that little bundle sleeping away on the sofa and tell myself that the long needed trip to the hairdresser’s can wait, that my money can be better spent on things for her instead of for me (like getting the best diet pills around – no way!!!) and that I can afford to go out in the same few outfits over & over again.

Yes, I’ll admit that you need to be emotionally ready for a child – frankly, being financially ready is an option if you’re working class – but don’t hold out for too long because there is nothing more wonderful than spending the rest of your life with your little one (and of course, your other half!).

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How embarassing.

Imagine how sheepish AND embarassed we were to discover that 80 of our birth announcement cards were printed with the wrong birth date!!! *sigh*

And this comes after “proofing” it at least three times!!! Talk about being scatterbrain!

With the order done and the cards dispatched, we have no choice but to correct the cards by hand with the right date.

I just hope people won’t take it the wrong way and think of us as lousy parents who can’t even remember their child’s birth date! =.=

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My little dahling…

…has come a long way since her birth, vocally, that is.

At birth, the doctors told me that she was a very quiet baby, choosing only to cry like twice or thrice before choosing to focus on her new surroundings. She was an alert baby, taking in all manner of sights and sounds, thrilling even the surgeons with her big (brown) stare.

Fast forward to a couple of days later and my girl is demanding for attention in one way – through crying. She cries when she’s hungry, cold, wet (diaper time), lonely, insecure or just scared. But she doesn’t scream-cry. She just…cries quietly.

Then a month later, she scream-cries and this is hurtful to hear and see. Her face puckers up, grimaces, turns red and she just cries & cries. But only when it’s in a place that she’s not familiar with. It’s like she’s trying to get through to us but the connection is kind of fuzzy so she ups the volume thinking that it’ll do the job.

These days, she does more than just cry – well, actually she has stopped crying. Her vocal skills have now expanded to

  • One huge cry to get mummy running to her to either feed or check on her
  • Small short bursts of cries which signal frustration – she hates hiccups!
  • Baby coos and giggles
  • Baby laughs and baby excitement – she does this whenever she sees her favourite toys

But my all time favourite is when she starts coo-ing and talking back…as seen above. It’s always the same few sounds with an addition here and there at times but, still…

Cute, no?

** Cross posted on the baby blog **

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The unpaid maid.

The unpaid maid is someone who…

…takes care of your baby full-time by bathing her, changing her diaper, playing with her, feeding her, taking her out on walks, takes her to the doc when the need arises, and so forth.

…sweeps, vacuums and mops the floor.

…cooks your dinners and make sure that you at least have something to eat when you come home even though it may not be up to your liking.

…does the dishes that you conveniently leave in the sink (I wish it was a stone sink sometimes so that I can just bang my head on it in frustration) when you are supposed to wash them.

…cleans the place up so you don’t have to come home to a pig sty.

…goes grocery shopping and runs your errands for you while you’re at work WHILE babywearing your daugther.

She has no time to visit the hairdressers for a much needed haircut and often ends up napping while your daugther sleeps because she’s just too tired to do anything else (well, she could watch telly but there’s such a thing as too much of a “good” thing).

Her price tag?


In fact, all the unpaid maid asks for is just some help around the house and that you remember to hold up your end of the bargain – laundry, trash and dishes.

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