Hot in Singapore.

Well, hotter than in Neuchatel anyway.

It wasn’t any better back in Lyon, in case you guys were wondering. In fact, it was hotter there but unlike in Singapore, it’s less humid and well, the nights are much much cooler.

Since arriving on Wednesday, we have done some shopping for Eva – nothing big, just a crib, mattress and bedsheet for her plus a bouncinet (with vibrate mode) to give us some sanity during those tough hours during the day. We also bought a baby carrier (Baby Bjorn Air) that was much more suitable for Nil since the current one was a bit on the small side. Eva seemed to take all of it in stride – she slept while we carried her in the carrier and the crib?

Lets just say that she’s growing up – five hours straight in a new crib at night!!!

Of course not everything was peachy; in fact she had a tough time adjusting to the new place and the heat yesterday but thanks to the heavy downpour today, it was a blast. (And of course, the aircon in our room helped with the night heat!)

I like to think we’re slowly getting things settled…yes, in case you’re wondering, we found a new place just within our budget & needs!!! Praise God too coz the owner/his parents (who are manning the place for him) are super nice and very friendly (the lady even asked if we wanted the baby tub they had used for their son’s wedding). Now the only few things left to settle are the passes – we ought to get them in hand (we have the principal approvals already) before the second week of September, a pead for Eva and gynae for me, and we’re done!


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  1. Why did you decide on the Baby Bjorn Air, and not the Baby Bjorn Original?

    We’re thinking of buying.

    Mabel Reply:

    Well, the Original was just 20 SGD cheaper but the material is thicker and we were thinking that with the humid and hot conditions in SIngapore, it’d be better to pay a little bit more for something that is breathable for Eva. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. May I recommend Dr A.L. Lim from Thomson Medical Centre – 6255 3333.
    He is the bestest gynae ever. Gentle and caring guy.

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