Time flies.

We just informed the cantonal office of our departure and turned in our permits. (In turn, they will be sending it off to immigration for processing.) And a day after this, it sinks in.

I’ll be leaving this place which I have called home for over a year.

And in that one year, I have blogged about a variety of things, opened up an online store, picked up several new hobbies, gotten pregnant (and subsequently given birth to an awfully cute baby girl), dabbled in some new sports, camped under the stars in some countries in Europe and well…I have been busy living a life.

My apartment has gone from empty to warmly furnished with all the comforts of a real home (partly thanks to Nil’s family) to half empty with boxes neatly stacked in the living hall.

The signs are there. We are moving on and hopefully, it’ll be to something bigger, better and “prettier”.

To Fondue-land, the experience has been bitter-sweet. I shall miss the fondue, the lovely views/landscape, the timeliness, and in part, the people…

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  1. You’ll be alright – Malaysians are ‘tough’, and we survive anywhere 🙂
    Hope you’re feeling better. It’s not easy having parents over even if it’s only a short visit. I struggle with that all the time.

  2. Yes, a lot can happen in a year. In many ways, you are lucky, though. So many people are “stuck” living in one area of their country (or even the world). Having a new baby leads to a lot of reflection – which is good – it often leads to more new paths in life. You are doing great.

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