One week left.

I have one week left till we leave Switzerland for good. Aiii…moving halfway across the world again!

There is the packing – I’m not supposed to do a lot so by ‘a lot’, it means packing my stuff and Eva’s (excluding the diapering things which we’ll need right up till we leave). Nil has to pack away his stuff – desktops, his clothes, and the loose items lying around the house.

Then there are the administrative details like handling our paperwork and so forth. Of course, Nil needs to contact his stepsis regarding the gerbils since we found someone who is willing to adopt them so hopefully she can hang on to them for a while until they collect them from her.

I’ll be away from the Netsphere…again, so chances are the next time you see me online, it’ll be either at my mother-in-law’s place (just to say hi) OR in sunny, humid and hot Singapore!

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  1. I made a ring sling. Well actually my husband made it and not sure if it is the same thing but it is called the maya wrap. Instructions were on the site We purchased the rings and bought a tartan sarong and dh got on the sewing machine. Voila! we used it successfully with all 3 of our children. I found it extremely convenient especially when we went out for family meals at the restaurant etc as baby would be nursing quietly in the wrap…and fell asleep satiated and i could have my meal at the same time with both hands free modestly 🙂

    All the best!

    Mabel Reply:

    Oooo…thanks for the link. I’m going to try the no-sew method and see if it works. Am waiting for the sling rings to show up by mail now. 🙂

  2. Go for it Mabel, This is the way most of our moms who are in the “kampung
    ” do it. It works wonders & baby is so comfortable. My son’s face used to light up everytime he saw me putting the sling on cause he just couldnt wait to get in.

    In the beginning I was a bit of suspicious of it so I actually practice with a bag of rice (5kg one) to get a hang of it. The first time I tried with baby, Dh was around to help me adjust the wrap to the desired height etc. You get used to it very fast though…and after a few times, you’ll be a pro at adjusting it by yourself while baby is tucked in nice & snug!

    And please post some photos of you and bub in the wrap 🙂

    Mabel Reply:

    Oooo…will do, will do. I just hope the sarong I got is long enough. 😛

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