Going at it solo for a night.

Ahhh, poor Nil came down with a case of bad stomach and a low-grade fever which meant that yours truly ended up on the night diaper and feed duty solo. He tells me that I’m lucky that he isn’t working otherwise I’d be going at it solo all the time but hey, that’s not going to fly with me.

Not such a bad thing, I tell myself. After all, I did go at it solo for four nights at the hospital.

A few hours later – in the morning, that is – and as I’m struggling with a barrage of after-effects from a solo night diaper & feed duty (sore eyes, back and all that), I realised that my little Eva isn’t exactly like how she was 13 days ago at the hospital. Back then, I didn’t have to change her diaper after every feed. She was certainly lighter (being heavier now isn’t necessarily a bad thing) so carrying her was easy work. And well, breastfeeding with milk in is certainly very different from breastfeeding with colostrum.

I sometimes wonder how single mothers cope with all this.

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  1. I founf brestfeeding & the nigh wakings helped me lose weight. So take heart 6kgs in just a couple of weeks is awesome. My first look in the mirror after giving birth had me thinking on whether she was really born or not as my body/tummy looked exactly like i was still pregannt. with our first daughter, silly me packed my pre-pregnant clothes to wear when returning from the hospital and ended up leaving in my maternity clothes cause i couldnt get into my jeans! ..hehe…was much wiser the 2nd & 3rd time around..hehe

    All the best! you’ll do just fine 🙂

  2. I was working from home when I found out I was pregnant with my second child. My first thought (I am not kidding) was that I wouldn’t be able to take afternoon naps anymore. Hang in there….you can make it through.

  3. Actually, Nil is quite right 😛 When my time comes, I don’t know how la. HB has to work in the morning and I have NO relatives here whatsoever to help me out. Which means day AND night shifts will be my task. Habis la.

    Mabel Reply:

    Aiii…well, Eva usually wakes up like twice a night so it’s not as bad as it sounds. 😛

    A friend suggested that I should still get the hubby to help out anyway with little stuff like changing the diaper or just burping her. I have to be up anyway but for me to do everything is kind of crazy…especially when I’m breastfeeding exclusively. T.T

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