Hot in Singapore.

Well, hotter than in Neuchatel anyway.

It wasn’t any better back in Lyon, in case you guys were wondering. In fact, it was hotter there but unlike in Singapore, it’s less humid and well, the nights are much much cooler.

Since arriving on Wednesday, we have done some shopping for Eva – nothing big, just a crib, mattress and bedsheet for her plus a bouncinet (with vibrate mode) to give us some sanity during those tough hours during the day. We also bought a baby carrier (Baby Bjorn Air) that was much more suitable for Nil since the current one was a bit on the small side. Eva seemed to take all of it in stride – she slept while we carried her in the carrier and the crib?

Lets just say that she’s growing up – five hours straight in a new crib at night!!!

Of course not everything was peachy; in fact she had a tough time adjusting to the new place and the heat yesterday but thanks to the heavy downpour today, it was a blast. (And of course, the aircon in our room helped with the night heat!)

I like to think we’re slowly getting things settled…yes, in case you’re wondering, we found a new place just within our budget & needs!!! Praise God too coz the owner/his parents (who are manning the place for him) are super nice and very friendly (the lady even asked if we wanted the baby tub they had used for their son’s wedding). Now the only few things left to settle are the passes – we ought to get them in hand (we have the principal approvals already) before the second week of September, a pead for Eva and gynae for me, and we’re done!


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Not quite there yet.

I’m still alive…

Just busy with the move. We are still not quite there yet – am spending a few days in France at my mother-in-law’s place and taking opportunity of the wireless internet connection to get back in touch with civilisation.

With any luck, the next post would be one made in Singapore.


ps: For those of you who are wondering how the weight loss journey is going, I’m down to three kilos with one objective – to lose belly fat!!! Whoopie!

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Time flies.

We just informed the cantonal office of our departure and turned in our permits. (In turn, they will be sending it off to immigration for processing.) And a day after this, it sinks in.

I’ll be leaving this place which I have called home for over a year.

And in that one year, I have blogged about a variety of things, opened up an online store, picked up several new hobbies, gotten pregnant (and subsequently given birth to an awfully cute baby girl), dabbled in some new sports, camped under the stars in some countries in Europe and well…I have been busy living a life.

My apartment has gone from empty to warmly furnished with all the comforts of a real home (partly thanks to Nil’s family) to half empty with boxes neatly stacked in the living hall.

The signs are there. We are moving on and hopefully, it’ll be to something bigger, better and “prettier”.

To Fondue-land, the experience has been bitter-sweet. I shall miss the fondue, the lovely views/landscape, the timeliness, and in part, the people…

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Two weeks on…

Dad multitasking away...

…and Dad is multitasking while burping a baby on his shoulder.

…Eva is dozing off after a feed instead of burping.

…Mum is slowly but surely losing weight without the aid of drugs like atro phex. YAYAYA! But I do wonder if it had anything to do with yesterday’s stomach upset.

…the packing is 90% done with just the loose items left, some kitchen utensils, baby stuff and all. Can you believe that we have finished a 64-diaper pack and am a good halfway through the next pack?

…and my blog posts are getting short. Time is a luxury these days…with feeds, power naps and etc. Perhaps things will get better when Eva is slightly older. In the meantime, do forgive the short entries!

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Going Wolly!

woll_campari woll_ama woll_rosen woll_eben

After what seemed like ages, I finally got my hands on some prized Wollmeise yarns!!!

Yes, I broke my yarn diet by cheating – somewhat like getting fat burners to help you lose weight instead of sticking to a healthy diet and good exercise regime. And yes, with the packing and all…but really, I just couldn’t resist!

I’ll be frank – it wasn’t easy trying to get her yarns. Updates are weekly and I always miss them. It took me about a couple of weeks of stalking the Wollmeise online store (thanks to Lois and her constant reminders) before I finally got the colours that I simply adored. I missed a few along the way (Zenzi is hot on my wanted list), no thanks to Nil – he forgot to wake me up and all.

But hey, I’m a happy trooper with these four colours. *squishness*

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One week left.

I have one week left till we leave Switzerland for good. Aiii…moving halfway across the world again!

There is the packing – I’m not supposed to do a lot so by ‘a lot’, it means packing my stuff and Eva’s (excluding the diapering things which we’ll need right up till we leave). Nil has to pack away his stuff – desktops, his clothes, and the loose items lying around the house.

Then there are the administrative details like handling our paperwork and so forth. Of course, Nil needs to contact his stepsis regarding the gerbils since we found someone who is willing to adopt them so hopefully she can hang on to them for a while until they collect them from her.

I’ll be away from the Netsphere…again, so chances are the next time you see me online, it’ll be either at my mother-in-law’s place (just to say hi) OR in sunny, humid and hot Singapore!

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Going at it solo for a night.

Ahhh, poor Nil came down with a case of bad stomach and a low-grade fever which meant that yours truly ended up on the night diaper and feed duty solo. He tells me that I’m lucky that he isn’t working otherwise I’d be going at it solo all the time but hey, that’s not going to fly with me.

Not such a bad thing, I tell myself. After all, I did go at it solo for four nights at the hospital.

A few hours later – in the morning, that is – and as I’m struggling with a barrage of after-effects from a solo night diaper & feed duty (sore eyes, back and all that), I realised that my little Eva isn’t exactly like how she was 13 days ago at the hospital. Back then, I didn’t have to change her diaper after every feed. She was certainly lighter (being heavier now isn’t necessarily a bad thing) so carrying her was easy work. And well, breastfeeding with milk in is certainly very different from breastfeeding with colostrum.

I sometimes wonder how single mothers cope with all this.

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