Wonderfully imperfect…

I came across this ad via a friend’s link sharing on Facebook. This comes after the recent death of creative master, Yasmin Ahmad. It is an ad that with done with meaning – Ahmad wanted to banish away the idea of the perfect spouse, the perfect marriage and the perfect relationship with this ad. And I must say she did it well.

Modern young men and women expect far too much from others and pressure themselves too much when it comes to searching for a life partner and marriage. Sometimes, it is not perfection that draws people together but imperfections. I mean, look at Nil and myself. We are very imperfect people – perfection, as they say, is just for God. He, like Mr Lee in the ad, snores himself to sleep, is a really grumpy pot when woken up too early and can sit in front of the computer just entertaining himself with rugby all day long and yet, those imperfections are what makes him special. Me? Right now, with my flabby post-c-sec belly (natural skin care, I hope, will help), mood swings and all am just about the same.

Yet, I cannot imagine going through the rest of my life not watching the grumpy pot trudge around the kitchen making his morning coffee. I wish all marriages out there were as wonderfully imperfect as the one in the commercial was/is.

To Yasmin Ahmad, one of the most talented M’sians out there, for coming up with this wonderful perfect ad.

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