Slowing things down…

…and picking things up somewhere else.

As I’m writing this, our little one is fast asleep in the other room or rather, I’m actually going to wake her up for her next feed after finishing this post. The days have been going well so far and she is a joy to care for amidst the fussiness and so forth. The nights are harder though, especially for Nil. For me, it’s slightly easier because I’ve had a head start at the hospital with reading her signals and such. For him, it’s a little difficult because he kind of gets grumpy with lack of sleep but I like to think that he’s doing just great…

Just as how he thinks I’m doing fine with the breastfeeding and caring of our little one.

Despite being on confinement, I still managed to get out but mostly for official stuff – getting paperwork and certificates done, and the all crazy passport picture for Eva. Seriously, whoever came up with the crazy idea of getting pictures for infant passports evidently never had children of their own!!! On top of having to deal with an unpredictable baby, the picture needed to show her with her face forward, mouth closed, eyes open and ears showing – a combination which is difficult to get! We were lucky in the fact that yesterday she decided to stay awake longer enough to allow the photographer to get a rather nice shot of her.

Of course, it was tough – she was fussing and I had to find ways to stop her from fussing AND open up her eyes plus not move around so much. At the end, I kept telling myself that the shop should just invest in white bed wedges which would have help propped her up, allowing a more fuss-free photo session. O’well, can’t win everything I guess.

Anyway, I guess I better run off to get some rest since I’m the one doing the night shifts most the time. OH, on a completely different note, did I say that we managed to find a new home for Emile and Scratch? Now to just organize the logistics and such…

Life is good. 🙂

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  1. I am so glad that you all are well and weathering through the rough few weeks. Hang in there….

    I *loved* breastfeeding. I remember being so surprised that it was not as easy as all the books I had read told me. But so totally worth it.

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