Just home…

After four days of staying in the hospital, excluding the pre-labour day, I decided that I had enough of doing nothing but sleep and watch Eva (not that I mind watching her) AND a very noisy neighbour who was going through some issues with breastfeeding and postpartum recovery. It’s not something you want to motivate you in your recovery and breastfeeding process.

So here I am again, in front of my laptop, blogging as often as I can – which won’t be thatttt often considering that I’ll be having long days of night feeding and such ahead of me, confinement food (definitely nothing like appetite suppressants there – quite yummy but still, I’m not taking too much), and going back to living life as close to how it was before the baby came.

Thank gawd for the little comforts of life…

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  1. Congratulations on your little blessing Mabel.
    May you enjoy watching her grow up into a little lady ?

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