If our little one shows up…

Still awaiting some feet to fill them in...

We have come a long way as a couple since September 11, 2004. Yes, don’t ask why we choose of all dates that particular one to meet up…but I supposed being a weekend was a convenient enough excuse, no?

The trials of being in a (first) long distance relationship and then (second) an interracial relationship, the madness of being half of an equation and the joys of being with someone…and now, the challenges life has thrown us both as a married couple.

Two years of married life plus the experiences of a new country, a lost job, and soon, a baby.

Two years have come and gone – I like to think that we can still be as silly with each other as we have been when we first met. After all, it is only with someone you are truly comfortable with that you can be yourself – silly, awkward and well, just you. As corny as it sounds, I’m happy that we can still laugh together, tickle each other to death, be free to argue over the silliest of things yet be comforted in the knowledge that at the end of the day, we have each other to return to in times of need and joy.

Now if our little one shows up, it would be the perfect second anniversary present, don’t you think? But if she doesn’t, I don’t mind. I like to think that we already have the right gifts for each other – ourselves.


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