Moving tales – Part III

We started packing up stuff in the guest/computer room today – mostly yarns (transferring them from their plastic storage to ziplock bags) and bedlinen. We managed to clear away everything into two medium sized boxes (max 25 kg each) – of course we have some more left in the form of documents and my WIPs which I figure will sit well together with some other smaller boxes in the carton we got.

While sorting out the WIPs to bring to Singapore, I pulled out the suitcase which I would be using to go to Singapore and to my shock, found a rubber hose that Mum brought with her in June sitting in the suitcase. Why the heck did she bring a bloody rubber hose??? And what I am going to do with it now? Trash it? Yeah, sure…so much for not wasting money. Sorry folks – I may come across as stingy and tight-fisted but really, to me, every cent counts. Money thrown away just like that is money wasted and I don’t print money – ringgit or otherwise. Some may argue that it just costs a few ringgit to buy a rubber or hose or anything else but add it up and it can amount to a lot back at home or here.

And I DO NOT like the idea of wasting money – contrary to popular belief, Nil and I aren’t swimming in gold and I wish people would stop thinking that we are. And folks, when buying things for people, never assume that you know what they need because chances are you don’t. Things, situation, lifestyle and so forth here even the health insurance leads are all different. Always ask before buying and accept it graciously when people turn your offer down.

Then of course, next to the suitcase is the box of disposable diapers, cloth nappies, baby wipes, hankies and all those things related to baby care which she sent from Malaysia. And that got me to thinking about how to carry all that back to Singapore. Mum naturally volunteered to carry them back but really, what makes her think that it’s going to be that easy considering that she and my dad are heading off to Spain after the trip here for a tour? And then what? Make the bi-monthly, tri-quarterly trip to Singapore just to drop off baby stuff because it’s “cheap”. It’s not – after calculating all these unnecessary costs, it would have been more cost effective to buy them in Switzerland, factoring the move OR not.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate gifts and such but buying disposable diapers and other babycare items when you can find them here is NOT PRACTICAL (we’re not talking about super expensive things like a crib or stroller – even then, I draw the line between buying them in Malaysia versus buying in Europe) – as much as my parents think it is cost-effective and practical, it isn’t!!!

So really, in future, if anyone, ANYONE, tells you that they want to send things over from Malaysia just because it’s cheaper, quote them my example and how I am a living proof of what a nightmare things can be when it comes to storage and relocation.

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  1. Do you have friends whoa re expecting babies who will appreciate those things? Perhaps a women’s shelter? that way they are not just thrown out and you won’t need to worry about transporting them

  2. good luck with your impending baby and moving. I laughed out loud about the bloody rubber hose. Mothers are unfathomable. My mum brings all sorts of crap with her from New Zealand when she visits. Its a nightmare

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