Crochet: Mary Jane Skimmers

Crochet: Mary Jane Skimmers (0 months)

Mary Jane Skimmers
Pattern | Mary Jane Skimmers by Sylvia Schuchardt
Yarn | Puppets Cotton 8 ply in white
Needles | 3.5mm crochet hook

I was itching to work on something other than Nil’s one side sock but didn’t want the burden of having an unfinished WIP on my hands. So I thought, hey, why not work on another bootie for little Eva? I made two pairs for her – three months and nine months – but have nothing suitable for a newborn. I figured that these little skimmers would do the trick even though some may say that she’ll outgrow it fast. I don’t really mind actually since it keeps me busy plus it helps me dip into my stash. Not that my stash got really dented in the process. This project took up very little yarn and is great for leftovers and such – if you have tons of those.

I didn’t do a two-sole bottom as called for by the pattern because I wanted to keep it soft and such. Also, the center strap was lengthened by one to two stitches (two stitches was a mistake). When the two were complete, Nil remarked that it looked a bit tad on the small side and feared that our little one may not fit into it at all. I don’t think it’ll be an issue since cotton is stretchable to some degree and the yarn I’ve chosen to work with is quite pliable and soft to boot.

Now that this is done, it’s back to the packing and this time, we’ve continued on with the clothes – I’m so tempted to just the unwanted pieces with a wholesale clothing store – and our books. Clothing-wise, there are my work clothes which I brought from home (totally useless if you ask me). I might take a few pieces with me but otherwise, the rest will probably end up in storage like the winter clothes or just given away (especially the older pieces). Book-wise, Nil will be passing off his French comics to his mum while I get to bring over my cookbooks plus craft stuff. Huzzah!

And yes, now that Eva is full-term, the waiting game begins.

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