Moving tales – Part I

With slightly less than two months to go till our relocation to Singapore, we naturally have started on preparing a number of things.

Packing up stuff
For my part, I have slightly more on my plate since I’m the one doing the delivery, and care of Eva as well as managing my shop and such. Nearly all my shop stock has been packed away except what’s on sale at the store which will close in a few days time. I’ve been lucky to have had a number of sales right up till today so I don’t anticipate a huge inventory to pack. There is, of course, the tools and dyes to pack up and a spinning wheel to disassemble. My yarn and fibre stash is almost done – I am just missing a number of big boxes to put them all together…I should be able to find a couple of boxes here so Mum, if you’re reading this, please don’t start packing your things into boxes and carting them here.

Thankgoodness we don’t have much furniture and such, not to mention valuables in the form of electrical goods and jewelry.

Today, we spent a good part of the morning going through what we wanted to bring to Singapore and what we wanted to leave here in Switzerland. Since we’re planning on moving into a fully furnished place in Singapore (which means that everything is provided), we’re not going to bring much other than the usual clothes and already bought baby items – don’t laugh when I tell you that I have to bring the cloth nappies, baby liners, baby wipes and cotton buds that Mum shipped from Malaysia back to the same region! Almost all our furniture is heading off to my in-laws and a variety of places for storage or use. My mother-in-law has already pre-booked our bookcase plus a couple of other items and all my plants (lavender, aloe, etc).

As for the kitchen items, we won’t be taking any with us apart from the hand mixer and pressure cooker – we’ll be leaving almost everything with Nil’s family. This means the wok, rice cooker, kettle, toaster, slow cooker, all purpose cooker (I have no idea what this is coz I didn’t buy it – Mum sent it over), my so-called blender, raclette & crepe maker (a wedding gift), Nil’s coffee machine, fondue set and the stand mixer. There is of course a big box of kitchen stuff in the basement which I haven’t looked at in over a year – there are a lot of things that we didn’t really use. I might bring my cake decorating stuff with me but otherwise, all our pots, baking pans, dishes, knives and all will go into storage here in Europe.

A huge bulk of our winter clothes and skiing items have already gone off to my father-in-law for storage so I guess that’s nearly done in terms of packing.

In case I haven’t explained it before, rental procedures here in Switzerland are bizarre. There are only four days in a year where you can move officially – any other day and you’ll have to find a tenant to take over the lease instead of being able to leave it to the agent, which is what’s happening in our case.

The next moving date is 31 July which is next to impossible for us since we’re only leaving in middle of August for France and then flying off to Singapore two weeks later. So Nil has had to put up paid notices for the apartment. I am glad (and so is he) to say that we’ve been having some pretty good luck, of lately. We had over 15 enquires and visits in the past week and a few look very interested in the place (thanks to the view). Nil’s pretty confident that we should be able to find someone. We have our eye on one particular pair and if they do bite, maybe we can offload some of our furniture to them for a lower price – that way we don’t have to worry about carting them back to France.

For my part, I’ve been “charged” to contact some agents in Singapore ASAP by Mum and Nil. I wasn’t too keen on pursuing the issue this soon but thought just to look anywhere to get a rough idea of what the market is like in Singapore. Completely opposite of Switzerland. Properties move fast and although I’ve established some form of contact with the agents there, the replies are almost always the same – “Please remind/call me again in August or once you land in Singapore. We can definitely find you something.” So really, starting this early does not help at all. We do have a rough idea of where exactly we want to go, what we’re looking for and our budget so no worries there.

Hey, it’s not as if this is our first time in Singapore or house hunting! Nil has stayed there for three years and moved three times plus I’ve had my fair share of house hunting in Sydney.

Keeping sane
With Eva coming in less than a month – she’ll be full term come next Thursday – there isn’t much I can do or go without getting those awful pelvic pains. Since my hobby gadgets have been packed or are nearly packed, I can only work on my WIPs and thus pulled out a project which has been hibernating for a while – socks for Nil. He isn’t exactly over the moon about it since it’s merino wool based and Singapore is awfully hot for wool socks but pfft, I couldn’t care less. XD

I might explore working/selling cotton based yarn for socks later this year for the store but we’ll see how it goes.

Then there is the cooking, the napping, easy house chores (gardening, light cleaning, etc) and usual online stuff. I can’t for the life of me understand why I cannot sit still and do nothing. I guess I’m too used to being busy and such. O’well…

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  1. The move is definitely gearing up! Leaving behind so many kitchen items must be hard!

    Mabel Reply:

    Yeah, but am hoping that we’ll move into a fully furnished place (which means that we’ll have the basics). The rest we’ll probably get for much cheaper or 2nd hand. 🙂

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