Buttery Sweet Corn Apam Balik

Buttery Sweet Corn Apam Balik

My first attempt at making this had resulted in a pretty thick pancake-like layer which wasn’t really what I was looking for at all even though taste-wise, it was decent. Plus I had to substitute alkaline water with all sorts of things – in the end, I decided that it was just best that I stick to regular Western-styled pancakes.

But when Lily from Wai Sek Hong came up with her third experiment on the ever humble ban jian kueh, I thought why not I have a go at the recipe as well since not many people had tried it and I’m sure she would have appreciated the feedback. Instead of peanuts or any nut (which I ran out after making those muar chees), I decided to sub with sweet corn much to Nil’s disapproval.

The overall result was a much thinner layer with the characteristic honeycomb texture, fluffy and soft to boot. Am not too sure if it being chewy is desirable but I kind of like it this way. Perfect for me really!

Anyway, do hop on over to the link posted above for a go at her recipe.

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