Tickets down…

More left to go!

Yes, we now have our plane tickets and by “we”, I mean Eva as well…yes, our little one will have her own passport, plane ticket, bassinet and even baby meal! Not that she’ll need it but hey, since it’s included in the price, why not?

The only thing we need to make sure is that there won’t be any surprises during the birth, as in “she” turning out to be a “he”. This is because the name on the ticket needs to match the passport and well, it’ll be tedious to change the name on the ticket (as compared to changing other info like her date of birth).

I’m hoping she shows up after her 37th week (that’s full term already) so that it’ll give us (and the French embassy here in Geneva) more time to churn out her birth certificate and passport. Nil will have to rush over to the embassy with our family booklet (I like to call it the Blue Advantage (coz the book is blue and well, considering what the mess with getting a Malaysian citizenship), Swiss permits and such right after the birth.

Then of course, there are things like settling her health stuff, vaccinations (it’s not compulsory here in Switzerland so we might do it in Singapore) and etc. But hey, at least one item is off our to-do list! 🙂

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  1. how soon will be leaving for spore after eva comes?

    Mabel Reply:

    Slight less/over a month depending on when she comes. Should be alright as we checked with the doc, airline and all already. 🙂

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