This time, it’s blue.

Stash No 3 - 6 yards of 100% cotton fabric from Ebay

Before I get to the real subject at hand, I need to ask – are external (and/or portable) hard disk better than flash memory stores? My external hard disk is nearly full and my flash memory drives are, well, full as well. So which is preferable?

While my current project is in the works – I’m awaiting for some dye-setting solution to come since one of the fabrics bleeds a little and I don’t fancy my ivory borders turning lilac or lavender (light purple) – this came in the mailbox. YAY for the postman! I ordered these a while back since someone on Facebook remarked that I don’t seem to have any fabrics in cold colours. Now I just need to complete my stash with some green! LOL.

The fabrics are one yard each and of course, 100% cotton from a variety of producers/designers. I actually love the Japanese/Asian print even though Nil finds it a bit tad too much – it goes perfectly with the blue and violet co-ordinates. I’m planning to do a strip pattern with these colours but the fabric set isn’t complete – am in the middle of expecting another two to three yards in purple co-ordinates to come in the mail.

Anyway, I won’t get started on these fabrics until I reach Singapore so chances are it’ll just be sitting in my stash till then. Won’t even think about the quilt top pattern in detail and such. 8)

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