So much to do!

If only life was like a diet, then I could pop a diet pill and be done with stuff!

But unfortunately I can’t. Now that the move is pretty much imminent, there are just about a ton of things to do and worry about without having well-meaning people instruct us on how and what to do. Geh.

First there are the tickets back to Singapore for the three of us. No point in getting a return just to save money when Nil can’t exactly go on holiday right after starting work so it’s definitely a one-way. Since they need a definite date of birth for Eva, we can’t even do the booking – online and such (NOT via a travel agent). We are exploring the option of just putting in the current estimated due date instead of an actual one so Nil is working on that.

There of course there are things like getting the paperwork done for Eva so she can actually leave the country with us. Our passports are in order (OF COURSE) but for her, we’ll need to make a couple of trips to the French consulate in Geneva to get our family booklet chopped so she can be a French citizen and once that is ready, she’ll get her own passport and such. All this will take a number of weeks but the officer at the consulate has assured us that the time frame we’ve given her is doable. Nil plans to zoom off to the consulate immediately after the birth (or at least upon getting the papers) to hurry things along and we’ve been coaxing our little one to make an appearance come first week of July to give us a little bit more time. So I’m looking at travelling during my confinement period – sorry Mum but these are important things!

We’ve already notified the agency regarding our tenancy agreement so that’s one problem solved. Then there is matter of informing the canton of our departure – there will naturally be some paperwork to do because of the permits, and taxes. Of course there are other things like finding a new home for our gerbils (we have already – just need to send them there), cancelling the bills, insurance, closing the bank accounts and so forth. These are not very high on our list because they can be done quickly and almost immediately. But it’s still annoying.

I’ve already started packing up my stash and all – it’s almost done – and I’ll probably dismantle the wheel plus loom this weekend before packing it into a box. Nothing too problematic about that… I probably won’t be able to do the heavy packing and all considering my size now but hey, at least I’m getting MY stuff done. ^^

Still, it doesn’t stop me from wishing that I could just pop a pill and not worry about stuff at all!

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  1. Preparing for a move while big pregnant is just horrible! Keep your wits about you. In a year, this will all be laughable.

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