Harvest time!

The first harvest sprigs...

Well, not quite…it’s the beginning though. πŸ™‚

Last year, just around mid spring, I discovered the joys of lavender and promptly gifted myself with two varieties – some Spanish and French lavender. I transferred them into appropriate pots and sun them regularly resulting in pretty luscious blooms. Unfortunately, when Nil and I went for our trip to the Alps in summer, it got very hot and the pots that I had transferred them into dried out…very badly.

Instead of green leaves and such greeting us upon our return, we got brown dried stalks of…dead lavender. After some intense watering and pruning sessions, I kept my fingers crossed throughout the rest of summer, autumn and winter for some sign of life. Both varieties were sprouting leaves, even though not much…but I was still apprehensive. Being new plants, it would be their first winter and I wasn’t too sure if they was “established” enough to survive the cold months.

Then winter came and went by, and at the start of spring, my Spanish lavender was looking awfully dead…dried to the bone, to be exact…and my French lavender. Ohhey, there was some pleasant surprise there! It started growing huge bunches of leaves and stalks. Before I could say “hello”, it was spring, there was plenty of sun and my lavender is having a ball of a time shooting out flowers and looking magnificently happy.

A couple of weeks back, some of the stalks began to bloom and true to what people say, I started getting visits from bees…although some lose their way and end up in the apartment. 8) It’s not a very big bush, being a balcony plant and all but with any luck and some TLC, I ought to be rewarded with a healthy handful of lavender sprigs this summer. It’s sad that I might move soon to the tropics. I’ll miss growing, admiring and harvesting this lovely aromatic plant.

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  1. I’ve always love the scent of lavender but have decided not to plant any in my garden as they attract bees. Don’t really want bees around my garden as my dog, especially Momo loves catching any flying insects.

    Mabel Reply:

    *nods* Yeah, if you have allergies or pets that love insects, it’s not a fab idea. :/

    Speaking of plants, how are yours doing? πŸ™‚

  2. plants are resilient little things aren’t they? Are you moving back to KL?

    Mabel Reply:

    Nah, not KL…Singapore, if all goes well.

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