WIP: Quilt #4

WIP: Quilt #4 (generated in Photoshop)

Here’s a look at what’s in store for the next quilt…

I’ve decided to try the Log Cabin pattern in co-ordinating patterns with the Asian print (center square) as the colour base. Nothing fancy actually. I plan to doing 5 x 8 blocks for the whole quilt instead of the 3 x 5 as seen here but that would depend on several factors, namely how big each block is going to be. I reckon 2 1/4″ width as the minimum would give me a pretty good sized quilt.

Anyway, I hope to get started on this after I’m done with the previous quilt – after all, I’m still waiting for two more fabrics for this project to arrive so here’s hoping that the postman will bring them to me over the next few days (I hope the shop doesn’t run out of the fabrics as well!)!

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