Patchwork #3 in the making

Quilt #3 in progress

One thing is for sure, this patchwork project is definitely larger than the previous two blankets I did! Just this whole piece of squares is my height (approx over 154 cm) and this excludes the 17 to 18 cm border that we’ll be adding to the sides after Tuesday (it’s a public holiday on Monday so we’ll only be able to go fabric shopping on Tuesday for the border and backing).

Do bear in mind that I didn’t exactly pick the colours – if you hadn’t noticed, I’m more of a “complimentary and mute and pleasant, nothing too bright” sort of person (see my latest fabric stash?) whereas Nil is all about bright, bright, bright colours. He hates browns, pastels and well, he hates anything that looks ‘too similar’ to each other! (It’s the same with my dyeing as well – he loves the bright colours and I just like the ones that blend in well with each other – a good mix for the shop, if you ask me.)

I am wondering though if I would like to add a thin layer of batting – nothing too thick and such but the trouble is, am not too sure how to go about getting one and all. Maybe I’ll ask around and see what comes up. In the meantime, it’s time to start planning the next project! *beams*

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