From start to finish: Lovestruck in Superwash Merino/Seacell from Squoosh

Ply | Three
Yardage | 498.3 m
WPI | NA (Fingering)
Fibre | SW Merino-Seacell (70/30) from Squoosh
Tool | Serenity Wheel [5.5:1 ratio]

This is a milestone spin – the first time I hit over 450 meters of yarn after plying from a 4 oz braid! *bounces*

Now while I’m totally in love with how the colours progress from one to another, chances are this skein will go up for sale once I get to doing the necessaries with all my other handspuns that end up in the shop. I can imagine it being just perfect for a simple toe-up (or cuff-down, whichever way you like) sock. No lace, no cables, no frills…just to show off the colours and such.

Anyway, now that this is over, it’s time to pack up the wheel…or at least find a corner for it so it can hibernate under a cloth or on one of them “sleep number bed” (just kidding…but don’t you just love the simplicity of air beds?) and not gather dust. And yes, it’ll be time to rev up the sewing machine! 8)

Handspun SW Merino-Seacell in Lovestruck

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  1. Wow! 450 from 4 oz.! It is really a lovely yarn and it translates well on a screen – a lot of texture and great colors.

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