When it’s hot…

…it’s hot.

Don’t disagree, especially when it’s a pregnant woman telling you that it’s hot.

Of lately, day temperatures have been hitting a high of 38°C and before you think it’s all fine and dandy for this girl from the tropics, let me remind you that in Malaysia, most people don’t hang out outdoors all day long and neither do they tan themselves in public and such (things like wearing a bikini at the park is a no-no!) – they work in buildings with air-conditioning, go home to houses with fans and air-conditioning, have lunches in restaurants with fans and/or air-conditioning, use cars and public transportation with air-conditioning…well, do you get my drift so far?

Many people here would kill for 365 days of perpetual summer but most Malaysians I know hate the heat because of one thing – it’s annoying, you feel lethargic all the time not to mention sweaty because of the humidity (which isn’t so good for the office either)…and well, the heat can do some pretty crazy things – people get crankier, tempers flare…etc. Plus when the nights are as hot as the days, it’s not something worth killing for. In fact, most Malaysians love it when it’s cool/cold.

Already back at home, I found it too hot and humid for my liking and back at home, median temperatures are always at 32°C. Thankgawd for the little things in life like a fan or air-conditioning.

Here, I don’t even have a fan, and I certainly don’t have air-conditioning. So I have to make do with whatever means possible to stay cool which is often 1) stay indoors, 2) take lots and lots of cold showers and 3) dress skimpy, at home that is. I coped well last late spring and early summer but this time around, I’m seriously having issues dealing with the heat because of one major factor.

I’m pregnant and what’s worse is that my late trimester is around summer – horrible. Just horrible. Pregnant women already have excess heat issues with the additional blood volume and increased metabolic rate. When I tell people at the hospital that the current heat is unbearable for me, they smile and nod because they know even though it’s just great for them. Why? Because they know.

When people who have never been pregnant or aren’t pregnant go “NOOOOOO, but it’s cool and you come from the tropics, so it shouldn’t be an issue”, that’s when I get pissed. People think it’s amusing and even strange when I complain about the heat during summer here. To fully understand why, here’s some food for thought:

If a person coming from a four-season country like Switzerland were to complain about how cold our air-conditioning in Malaysia is, I’d go “NOOOOOO, but you come from Switzerland so it shouldn’t be an issue – it’s colder there”. You’d be annoyed, if not pissed, because you know that in winter, you don’t walk around outside in T-shirt and shorts plus sandals, and neither do you hang out in places without heating.

…so, moral of the story?

Just smile politely when a pregnant women from the tropics complains about the heat in summer.

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  1. You have my sympathy. When I was pregnant with my first daughter, Sydney had the hottest November on record, and I was miserable. Mind you, when I was pregnant with second daughter I was not much happier in Singapore. I sweated heaps more, and a trip to the market was not fun.

    Mabel Reply:

    I tell you, the only people who understand are women who have been pregnant or have been in crazy temps and such!!!! Everyone else seems to think it’s funny. *grrrr*

  2. Staying indoors without aircon? Tough!
    It’s 41-44 degrees now here in Dubai, most homes here have centralized aircons because it’s unlivable NOT to have them during summer when temp continues to rise. Ugh!

    Mabel Reply:

    Yeah…totally not loving it. Am definitely bugging Nil to get me a fan!

  3. Even for me, and I’m the one who’s never too hot, these two last days have been quite painful. I never would have thought pregnancy could do that much to my body!! Anyway, this night’s storms were welcomed…

    Mabel Reply:

    Ohyes, the breeze is lovely now…mmmmm…

  4. I understand how you feel Mei. But I don’t it has ever hit that high here in Malaysia.
    Yeah have more cold showers and…..have an ice-cream:)

    Mabel Reply:

    I’ve been having too many ice creams for my liking!!!! 😛 (Need to watch sugar intake and all…) But the cold showers, definitely! XD

  5. I feel for you, Mabel. Alex was born in the height of summer and I spent the last 10 or so weeks of my pregnancy feeling like an oven. It will be over soon,a nd Eva will be in your arms, and it will all be worth it. Yes, really!

    Mabel Reply:

    Y’know, I love the kicking, flutters and all – even the constant trips to the toilet – ai, part and puzzle of being pregnant. But I just can’t stand the heat. Even before I was pregnant, I was never a heat-lover. Aiiii….

  6. I lived through two pregnancies with delivery dates in August in Florida. I thought I would die – so I feel your pain. Nothing makes me more cranky. Hang in there….

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