The cutting action I’m seeing…

Cutting up fabric

…is coming mostly from my rotary blade!

Am working on Quilt #3 and I must say that it’s tedious work when you buy fabric by the meter then cut it up into rectangles, squares and such. I ran into some issues because of one mistake – I cut width-wise instead of length-wise. This basically means instead of getting strips of 6.25 cm by 105 cm, I got 6.25 cm by 45-50 cm.

Aiiiii…that basically threw a spanner into the whole thing. I had to go back to the board and recalculate stuff, cut additional strips and still, as I’m left with half more to cut down into size, I’m wondering if I’ve got enough strips, rectangles and squares prepared.

O’well, we’ll find out soon enough when the piecing part kicks in. šŸ™‚

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