Curry laksa with beehoon

Curry Laksa with Beehoon

Sorry folks, as much as I love to share the recipe, I don’t have one. I just used a curry laksa mix, add the necessaries – ground onions, coconut milk – and then serve it with noodles topped off with shredded chicken, peeled prawns and bean sprouts with a couple of sprinkles of fried onions. Would have added fried tofu pieces but I couldn’t find them here so I just settled for the basics.

The curry laksa mix was meant for a 10-person serving but I suspect that it meant making the broth watery which isn’t what I look for in GOOD curry laksas. The perfect laksa is always thick, creamy and flavourful. This one, which served four (lunch and dinner for both of us), is that and Nil is utterly in love with it – even muttered outloud that he wouldn’t mind a second bowl. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any leftover. Haha.

Now, for some dessert in the form of some Manhattan cheesecake with fresh strawberries – I have to finish it, no?

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  1. Looks so delicious! I agree – the dish needs a thick, hearty broth akin to stew – which makes sense as it is really a stew. =D

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