Chinese crullers and such

Chinese crullers & Ham Cheem Peng

First up, don’t let the size of the plate deceive you. These Chinese crullers and ham cheem peng (Chinese crullers with five spice powder in it) are mini ones – about 10cm to 4cm in size (length or diameter). I like them smaller and such but the trouble with making them this small is that I had to not stretch the Chinese crullers or roll out the ham cheem peng which resulted in a slightly dense texture for some. BUT one saving grace is that they did puff up well so next time around, I’ll be stretching and rolling them out a little. Hehehe.

Second, I didn’t make these from scratch simply because I’ve been having problems looking for ingredients like alum and ammonium bicarbonate here. So I settled for the next best thing when I went to Lyon a couple of days back – a flour mix from Thailand. Yes, they have the same stuff there except that it’s called patongo! In case you’re wondering how it looks, you can check out a pic of the flour mix here. I didn’t use the entire box simply because it states that 500 gms makes 60 pieces and there was no way that I would be having 60 pieces of Chinese crullers for breakfast even if I wanted to! 🙂

This mix made my life much easier – honestly. All I did was add water and some oil together with the flour into my bread machine and about 1.5 hours later, the dough was ready to be cut and shaped into crullers for frying! Just a quick note though – you might want to dab the surface when you’re stacking one dough on top of the other instead of just sandwiching them together with a stick. Otherwise, you might just end up with two separate doughs instead of the regular Chinese crullers!

Anyway, I have half left and I’m planning on making some another day to go with some porridge (century egg porridge sounds super at the moment) and this time, instead of ham cheem peng, I’m going to try another favourite – crullers with glutinous rice! Now…I wonder if I can find the same thing here in Neuchatel. Hm.

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  1. Yum, yum yum !!!
    I love yau char kuey especially when it is “hot hot” from the pot…
    Perfect with Bak Kut Teh!
    Good on you Mabel…they look like the perfect snack!

  2. Waa lau yeh !!
    See what I have been telling you all these times ??!!!
    Told you so many times that wherever we go , you must open your eyes, ears, nose …. and mouth !
    Now you know how to make
    siew yoke
    yau chat kwai
    ham chim peng.
    Chee keok cho
    and many many more !
    I am happy that you are learning all these, since you are so free. I suspect Nil is too !!
    Your Koko suggest you open up a shop ! Ha ! ha !
    How’s cucu getting on ? You are now a family person. You must learn to juggle your multi-roles as wife,lover and now mother to be, cook, washers woman, and later working wife ! but for the present moment, business woman !
    Now you are discovering your capabilities and potential as a woman !
    Like the chinese said – ” maa sei lock tei hung ! ”
    Keep it up, darling !
    You’re doing well !


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