Blanket #2 in the making

Quilt #2 in progress

This time, it’s smaller squares with similar patterns BUT at least two mistakes plus a couple of off-center squares…I think I ought to NOT put my patches together when it’s late at night – bleary eyes and all.

The patchwork design this time is slightly different. I was aiming for an all-white/cream outer border followed by an all-brown second border and then a number of crosses in the same pieces of fabric but inverted alternately. The error, sad to say, is towards the end – the pieces that I last worked on. Note to self – must NOT take breaks in between sewing blocks. I had done things differently this time, choosing to work on sewing up half of the squares into 4×4 blocks instead of doing all of them at one go. Hence the errors.

Nil didn’t even notice it until I pointed it out…well, actually I didn’t notice it until I took a closer look at the picture just moments ago. His remark was funny to say the least – “Never mind, it’s for so-and-so” and promptly gave me the cheekiest grin ever.

Yes, I married a good AND funny man. 8)

On a totally unrelated topic, can someone tell me if I would still look good in a lace teddy? Being pregnant, I can hardly fit into my undies let alone sexy undies. Hm…maybe I should just wait till after Eva is born to fit into a lace teddy.

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