Eva’s Red & Pink Cuddly

Quilt #1: Showing off the binding and backing

Quilt #1: Eva’s Red & Pink Cuddly
Width | Approx 78 cm
Length | Approx 105 cm
Pattern details | 5″ 100% cotton squares from Moda’s Charm Park Candy Kisses (Ebay), random arrangement
Batting | None
Backing | 100% cotton fabric from Textile Ambience
Binding | Single fold 100% cotton tape in black from Textile Ambience

I’m seriously in love with the colour – the black makes the red pop out (white would have muted the colours and blended in) but hey, Nil and I weren’t exactly looking for the typical baby receiving blanket when we chose the colours. We were quite tired with pastels (y’know how it is with baby clothes and all) and sometimes I think Nil feels that pastels are only great when you’re dead or sick. Ugh.

We did, however, had some problems agreeing on the colour for the backing. Nil wanted something much darker since he felt that the colours were already bright enough but I wanted something that co-ordinated with the colour scheme like red or cream.

After checking out the textile shop nearby, we finally decided on this lovely dark blood red fabric with equally gorgeous dark flowery design for the back. Cutting it down to size and sewing it to the squares weren’t an issue. Working with the bias tape on the other hand was another story altogether. I had purchased about 4 metres of single fold bias tape without realising that I ought to have bought DOUBLE fold instead. Gah.

So after much hunting online for tutorials and what-nots on using bias tapes, I decided to turn this single fold into a double fold. Then there was the issue of sewing it on and such. Mind you, when I was learning sewing in school, working with trimmings and bias tapes was something that I never liked doing…simply because I sucked at it. So I did more read up, referred to a couple of online videos and braved the whole bias tape thing.

The end result was neat but not quite perfect. Still, Nil proclaims that it’s looks great for a first timer. Now this little baby will head off to the washing and storage while I get back to work on Quilt #2 and figuring out which looks better – a suit or a tuxedo. Heh.

Quilt #1: Fresh from the oven

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  1. Just wonderful! I love the dark red you chose for the back. The finished product is amazing;o)

    Mabel Reply:

    Thanks!!! I now feel like making one giant blanket in similar shades for myself. XD

  2. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! now i regret not learning how to sew back in high school!!!

    Mabel Reply:

    Eh, you didn’t learn keh? It was part of Living Skills module mah…I didn’t have a choice but mum helped me cheat. LOL!

  3. Nice one! I’m sure you did your best with the bias. It’s something to practise, soon you’ll be fluent in bias! 😉 Little question: did you wash your fabrics before sewing?

    Mabel Reply:

    Yup, I did – washed and then ironed it…except for the squares which came with instructions to NOT wash them first because they were already washed and such. 🙂

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