Blanket #1 in the making

Fabric stash No 1

It all started with some precut squares that I bought from the US via Ebay – yes, when it comes to stash enabling for fabric, Ebay is seriously evil! Of course there was the newly adopted Elna to constantly tempt me but being an utter newbie, I couldn’t resist these squares.

Anyway, these precut 5″ squares are from one of Moda’s Charm Packs bundles and each of the 37 squares are different. I felt that 37 squares weren’t enough for an ideal sized baby blanket so I bought two packs of the same bundle which resulted in some minor repetition but it still yielded a pretty nice colour combo.

Since I knew next to nothing about quilting, I spent a few days – while waiting for the fabric to show up – surfing the Internet for tutorials and such. Of course, I couldn’t find one real site for all the things I needed so I had to piece bits of information here and there on my own. I discovered things like chain piecing (god sent!), the importance of pinning and yes, pressing plus the all crazy devil of sewing up a 1/4″ seam.

My first patchwork project!

My Elna has marks on the panel indicating seam measurements so instead of doing a 1/4″ so I am currently sewing up a 10mm seam or slightly less. Nil did remark that it was a bit tad much so I might try to make do with less in my next project (yes, the squares arrived and this time, they are 3″ squares!!!!). Anyway, the total number of pieced blocks are 70 and I have extra 4 squares which I’ll probably use for a separate patchwork project. One thing yummy about patchwork is that you can use fabric scraps and it’ll still be okay!

Surprisingly, putting the squares together took very little time – of course, pinning the pieces according to the preset framework and then pressing them after sewing up each seam/side was tedious. I ended up mixing up one or two squares but nothing problematic about it. I started late last night working with with a 2-block patch, then joining 2-block patches to form a 2×2 block and so forth. The whole thing was done just before 11am and now, it’s awaiting some good old measuring before I head off to buy some fabric for the backing and binding.

I don’t think I’ll bat this so it’ll just be a simple patchwork blanket. I figure while it’ll be nice to bat it and all – give it some fluff – it might get a bit too warm for Eva in the summer or as a receiving blanket. So yes, with any luck, I ought to be done with this before the week is out! W00t! On a side note, I am so tempted to buy more fabric that is on sale! Eeks!

Quilt 01: Putting the squares together.

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  1. NICE job. Good grief, my first quilt didn’t come out nearly as well. Of course, I chose the don’t-research-just-start-sewing method! doy!
    Looking forward to your next project!

    Mabel Reply:

    Thanks thanks! I hoping the next one will turn out good. Had to stop working on it to finish off this one. 😛

  2. love that quilt!!! is it easy to sew?????

    Mabel Reply:

    So far, it’s so-so – I had to refer to some youtube videos on stitching on the binding and then some online tutorials to piece the squares together but otherwise, it’s alright so far.

    But having said that, all I’ve been doing is piecing square blocks. Some of the other ladies on Rav in the quilting forum are working with triangles, stars and more complex patterns. @.@

  3. How cute and bright! Congratulations on your first quilt!

    Mabel Reply:

    Thankies – I finally backed and bound it today! Can’t believe that it actually took so little time to finish. 😛

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