Swine flu and us.

As of 30 April at 1600 hours, there has only been ONE reported case of swine flu in Switzerland. The center of the 2009 flu outbreak is in Mexico where 8 deaths have already been reported before spreading to the US, its neighbour where 109 outbreaks have been reported with just 1 death.

The flu comes from animals can be transmitted across species and from human to human via airborne methods such as coughing and sneezing – somewhat like your regular flu or common cold bug. So while the Swiss authorities haven’t gone so far as to create panic by asking them to stay at home or up-playing the news of the outbreak, they have put up notices and signs telling people to cover up or use a tissue when having the sniffles AND to regularly wash hands. Good hygiene is important.

In the mean time, staying home 100% of the time is NOT an option – there are errands and such to run. So we’ll just stick to the preventive methods above. But really, no worries and don’t panic (the last thing people need is more paranoia!!!) – this reminds me very much of the time when we had the JE in Malaysia and then the bird flu…hmmm…

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