Busy, busy.

Order #3 - Lemon & Off-White

Apart from working on the afghan and the baby blanket, my hands have been busy churning out bootie orders that spiked because of a recent promotion (which just ended today). Above is the most recent pair that I’ve just completed and will send off on Monday.

I have another three pairs of booties and four pairs of mittens to work on. Then there is the store update for May which I really ought to get started on – I have some yarns and fibres to dye up for sale. After that, I’m not too sure if I want to do any more major updates, especially for fibres, until Eva is born. The last update really tired me out even though I split it into a few sessions. That plus the fact that we might be moving back to Asia come September is another cause for concern. While I’d love to stock up on supplies before moving to make life easier, I’m not too sure if it’s a great idea because of how we’ll be shipping our things over – by sea.

So yeah, planning and ideas aside, the next few days will see me busy crocheting and attending ultrasounds plus preparing for Eva’s arrival AND doing some light reading. Eva will be 28 weeks come next Thursday and we have a crucial ultrasound coming up in the same week as well…so more on the baby blog then!

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