WIP: Lace Granny Square Throw

WIP: Lace Granny Squares

I’ve got it bad.

Nil just teased me stating that I have a number of unfinished projects but I still went ahead and started a new one anyway. To be exact, I have three active WIPs and five in hibernation. The craziest thing about them all is that the three active WIPs are either halfway there or are travel WIPs for Eva while the ones in hibernations are outfit projects like socks and cardigans which I don’t really need right now.

This one is to reduce my stash plus it’s a trial piece for something that I’m thinking of churning for the Eva when she’s older. I’m crocheting granny squares from leftover laceweight yarn that I have in my stash and hopefully, they’ll be enough for the size that I have in mine. I’ll need about 150 squares and each of this is 3″ by 3″ (unblocked). I just started late last night after rummaging through my stash for the right yarns and came up with a sweet reddish combination made up of five variegated yarns. The two combos missing are a very light light rose shade and a brownish-pale pink shade which I have yet to wind up into yarn cakes.

This will be a pure merino lace throw – delicate yet form and breezy enough for, I hope, summer and winter. With any luck, I’ll finish it. I’m determined to prove Nil wrong – I DO NOT have startitis!!!!

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  1. Beautiful and bright colours!

    Mabel Reply:

    Thankies!!!! Have another two combos that I’m thinking of including. Might put up pics soon!

  2. Pretty colour mix! I tried this granny square last year, turned out ok, but not as prefectly shaped as yours. 🙂

    Mabel Reply:

    Pics pics pics!

    LOL…I stretched them to make it even. That’s the trick but I don’t know if I’ll block them all before joining it into one afghan. 150 squares on mats???? I’ll die!

  3. ooh..granny squares!! they’re so pretty!! i recently bought the book happy hooker from the book depository as i wanted to learn how to crochet. still waiting for the book to arrive in my mail box. so hopefully soon i’ll be able to churn out granny squares too!! 🙂

    Mabel Reply:

    They are very addicitive!!! I really don’t want to put them down but it looks like I have to – bootie order and all.

    Btw, there are tuts on the Internet (even for these granny squares) – that’s how I picked up crochet (Mum did teach me a long time but I forgot) again!

    I hope yours arrive soon – I can’t wait to see them!

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