The weekend trip to Lyon was fruitful, to say the least.

Since our latest news, we thought it best to visit family especially considering how things are transpiring with Nil’s grandmother who was hospitalized last week and is still in the hospital. She has been diagnosed with peritoneum cancer and despite the bad news, she is looking and feeling much better when we last visited her, which was Easter Sunday.

After weighing in the options, she decided on a homestay with a live-in nurse and thus, Nil and I together with his uncle and my father-in-law made a morning trip to his grandmother’s home to do some spring cleaning. It’s about time too…we didn’t do much actually, just cleared out the wardrobe where she stores all her woolen wear and yarn. Yes, Nil’s grandmother is a yarn addict…just like me but only better and very old school.

It is a pity that her stash got heavily infested with moths over the years and we had to trash a lot of her pure wool yarns. We did managed to salvage a big bag full of local wool – it has no label, no identification…just a tag that read “wool from local farms” and the colours. These were moth-free, thankgawd, and I carted about 8 to 9 skeins of the stuff back – there are about another 10 over skeins now with lavender sachets to prevent infestations, sitting in the bag which has been tightly bound together with string and tagged.

There were other goodies too…they are still sitting in the bag, out in the balcony until I have the time to soak and wash them – there is no way I’m introducing moths to the apartment considering that I have a huge stash of wool for the shop! (Speaking of the shop, I wonder if getting a rubber stamp would be a good investment for my gift tags and such?)

So yes, pictures will come soon…just be patient k?

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  1. It’s very kind of you to help out Nil’s grandma 🙂
    Must be a treat to look through those yarns. I’ve always wondered if they make them the same in the good old days.

    Mabel Reply:

    It looks about the same…she has some right from the farm though and those still have lanolin in them and such. Kinda interesting. 🙂

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