Curry chicken…

Malaysian-styled Curry Chicken

…without the usual potatoes! (Too much carbs!)

Anyway, I’m just popping by to say that I’m still alive and still very much up to my elbows in booties & mittens. I should have them all done up and sent off by Friday.

In the meantime, yes, I’m alive. 🙂

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Busy, busy.

Order #3 - Lemon & Off-White

Apart from working on the afghan and the baby blanket, my hands have been busy churning out bootie orders that spiked because of a recent promotion (which just ended today). Above is the most recent pair that I’ve just completed and will send off on Monday.

I have another three pairs of booties and four pairs of mittens to work on. Then there is the store update for May which I really ought to get started on – I have some yarns and fibres to dye up for sale. After that, I’m not too sure if I want to do any more major updates, especially for fibres, until Eva is born. The last update really tired me out even though I split it into a few sessions. That plus the fact that we might be moving back to Asia come September is another cause for concern. While I’d love to stock up on supplies before moving to make life easier, I’m not too sure if it’s a great idea because of how we’ll be shipping our things over – by sea.

So yeah, planning and ideas aside, the next few days will see me busy crocheting and attending ultrasounds plus preparing for Eva’s arrival AND doing some light reading. Eva will be 28 weeks come next Thursday and we have a crucial ultrasound coming up in the same week as well…so more on the baby blog then!

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WIP: Lace Granny Square Throw

WIP: Lace Granny Squares

I’ve got it bad.

Nil just teased me stating that I have a number of unfinished projects but I still went ahead and started a new one anyway. To be exact, I have three active WIPs and five in hibernation. The craziest thing about them all is that the three active WIPs are either halfway there or are travel WIPs for Eva while the ones in hibernations are outfit projects like socks and cardigans which I don’t really need right now.

This one is to reduce my stash plus it’s a trial piece for something that I’m thinking of churning for the Eva when she’s older. I’m crocheting granny squares from leftover laceweight yarn that I have in my stash and hopefully, they’ll be enough for the size that I have in mine. I’ll need about 150 squares and each of this is 3″ by 3″ (unblocked). I just started late last night after rummaging through my stash for the right yarns and came up with a sweet reddish combination made up of five variegated yarns. The two combos missing are a very light light rose shade and a brownish-pale pink shade which I have yet to wind up into yarn cakes.

This will be a pure merino lace throw – delicate yet form and breezy enough for, I hope, summer and winter. With any luck, I’ll finish it. I’m determined to prove Nil wrong – I DO NOT have startitis!!!!

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Cassis Swirl

Cassis in Superwash Merino

Ply | Three
Yardage | 361.2 m
Fibre | Superwash Merino (my own handdyed)
Tool | Serenity Wheel [10:1]

This is up for sale at the store but just to let you know – I’m in love with this dyeing technique! The resulting effect time and time again is a mix of solids and stripes but get this – they are heathered not so much solid per se as you can see in the picture above.

I’d love to try this out with some of the rovings I dyed up using the same technique for the store…but the stash comes first. Must destash, destash and destash. 🙂

Yes, I bet by now, you know that my knitting is somewhat non-existent. Aiiii…

Cassis Swirls in Superwash Merino

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Spin, spin, spin.

Superwash Merino in Cassis Swirl Jam

A long long time ago, when I first got my hands on some superwash merino for the shop, I churned out this colourway which I felt I didn’t want anyone else to have. Yes, that’s the beauty of running your own shop – if no one else wants it, I’ll have it…and well, if I can’t have it, no else else can! LOL!

It was a technique that I had been working on and the resulting effect gave me a lovely splash of dark purple, dark red, grey and bright spots of pink here & there with some underlining white. Affectionately named Cassis Swirl Jam, this roving reminds me of those jars of peanut butter jam jelly and the barberpole effect in that jar between the brown of the peanut butter and purple of the jam jelly.

As I spun it up, I’m reminded of the effect I got when I worked on another roving dyed using the same technique. So far, I’m loving the results the singles have given off – a mix of solids of a variety of shades plus patches of barberpole and white. This beauty will definitely be a surprise when I’m done with the plying. I just can’t wait to see, really.

Now please excuse me while I get back to my spinning and writing about cattle supplies (?).

Cassis Swirls in Superwash Merino

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The weekend trip to Lyon was fruitful, to say the least.

Since our latest news, we thought it best to visit family especially considering how things are transpiring with Nil’s grandmother who was hospitalized last week and is still in the hospital. She has been diagnosed with peritoneum cancer and despite the bad news, she is looking and feeling much better when we last visited her, which was Easter Sunday.

After weighing in the options, she decided on a homestay with a live-in nurse and thus, Nil and I together with his uncle and my father-in-law made a morning trip to his grandmother’s home to do some spring cleaning. It’s about time too…we didn’t do much actually, just cleared out the wardrobe where she stores all her woolen wear and yarn. Yes, Nil’s grandmother is a yarn addict…just like me but only better and very old school.

It is a pity that her stash got heavily infested with moths over the years and we had to trash a lot of her pure wool yarns. We did managed to salvage a big bag full of local wool – it has no label, no identification…just a tag that read “wool from local farms” and the colours. These were moth-free, thankgawd, and I carted about 8 to 9 skeins of the stuff back – there are about another 10 over skeins now with lavender sachets to prevent infestations, sitting in the bag which has been tightly bound together with string and tagged.

There were other goodies too…they are still sitting in the bag, out in the balcony until I have the time to soak and wash them – there is no way I’m introducing moths to the apartment considering that I have a huge stash of wool for the shop! (Speaking of the shop, I wonder if getting a rubber stamp would be a good investment for my gift tags and such?)

So yes, pictures will come soon…just be patient k?

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Nectarine in Superwash Merino/Seacell from JulieSpins

Ply | Three
Yardage | 394.7 m
Fibre | 70/30 Superwash Merino-Seacell from
Tool | Serenity Wheel [10:1]

Earlier today, I said that I would put this up for sale and all after plying since the colours are amazing and all, but after setting the twist and all, I notice that it bleeds a little. And while it’s okay with me personally, I am hesitant about selling a yarn that may add a slight orange tinge to water when rinsing.

Now, before anyone jumps to the wrong conclusion, bleeding is normal when the colours are intense and with certain blends – I ought to know. The merino-tencel I dyed up a while back bled like crazy and it took me a while to get a clear change of water without compromising on the colour brightness. So after buzzing Julie about it to check what her recommendation was to avoid future bleeds (read: wash/block in cold water only), I decided there and then that this was the perfect excuse for me to hang on to this.

At least now I can say that I have some handspun of my own to use!!! 8)

Nectarine in Superwash Merino/Seacell from JulieSpins Nectarine in Superwash Merino/Seacell from JulieSpins

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