Cervical cancer vaccine woes.

I’m not considering taking this vaccine (above the age limit and all) but I know a number of Malaysian women who are intend on taking it or have started. The CDC says that this vaccine will help prevent cervical cancer – with a few requirements naturally – and recommends it for women under 26 and such.

I first saw the poster and all promoting this vaccine in clinics back in Malaysia but never really gave it a thought because I didn’t feel all that comfortable with the idea of taking a vaccine for something such as a cancer. I had the impression that some doctors were promoting this as a “prevent-all” and that those who have taken it will never have to worry about cervical cancer while “blanketing” other important issues like having unprotected sex, not going for pap smears and etc. But that’s just MY impression, ya?

Today, while surfing some old links that I haven’t visited in a while, I came across an entry pointing to several videos on reported cases of severe side effects (including) death to be allegedly a result of taking this vaccine in the United States, where it was launched 2.5 years ago (as of 2008). As such, I feel the need to share this with everyone else who is thinking of taking their child for this vaccine or considering taking it themselves…

These are from CNN and CBS, and have been uploaded sometime early this year to end of last year. A must watch, if you ask me! At least it will give you another perspective on the whole “take the vaccine because it’s the next best thing” bandwagon.

More videos on the blog entry here.

Also, refer to the following news reports:

  • New worries about Gardasil safety – CBS
  • Following A Girl’s Death, the CDC is Finally Looking at Gardasil Links – newsinferno.com
  • CDC Takes Closer Look at Gardasil and Paralysis – usnews.com
  • Should parents worry about HPV vaccine? – CNN.com

UPDATE: I found a link (courtesy of the ladies at the knitting Ravelry) pointing to another perspective of the whole “adverse reaction” thing adopted by the media. Worth a look for those who are interested!

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  1. I have completed this vaccination program (along with quite a number of girl friends) back in 2007. None of us suffered from any side effects.

    Looking at all the reported cases, they don’t seem to have any concrete evidence. So it’s hard to say if it’s really Gardasil.

    Well, to each their own, I guess.

  2. I’ve also completed the program. Apart from a slight discomfort (headaches, sore and aches every where, dizziness), I suffered no major side effects.

    My take is that I’ve tried, and there’s no harm done. A$400 worth of injections may bring hope to prevent costly cancer treatment and possibly death.

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